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Are you organizing an event?

Have a look at our options for all kinds of events

Our team will accomodate you! 
We pride ourselves on offering solutions for our customers and accommodate what you have in mind - everything from meetings and smaller events - to large conferences, parties and events. Emphasis is placed on professional service and close collaboration with customers and guests.

Have a look here below for our most frequent events and info!


We offer various services tailored to your needs. Everything from conferences and meetings to weddings and private parties.


We offer smaller and larger groups a special dinner experience in our private dining rooms.


We have a total of three meeting rooms that we can adapt to your needs. The halls can be used individually or combined.

Ideal for groups of all sizes.


Canapé & 
Cocktail parties

We offer a selection of canapés, tapas and other delicacies for your party.

You can stay with us, or we can bring refreshments to your party.


Seminars & 
Staff entertainment

We offer a selection of seminars for small groups (2-3 hours): 

- Wine Class 
- Cocktail Class 
- Gin Class  

Vaðlaberg + Stuðlaberg - Langborð kvöldverður.jpg

We are proud to be able to offer diverse solutions to service your event with us or elsewhere.

We have taken on all kinds of events and parties over the years, such as: weddings, christening parties, annual festivals, office parties, sports groups, cocktail parties, reunions etc.


Our venues

View photos of our meeting and party rooms from different occasions.

Our halls are diverse, expandable and can accommodate events of a very diverse nature.

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